“My Golden Retriever, Savannah, experienced facial paralysis after a bite that damaged a cranial nerve according to my vet. After Jane worked on Savannah for a few weeks, Savannah’s ear and mouth no longer drooped and finally her eye began to blink again.”— Alice Conklin, Fallston, Maryland

“Jane has worked on my dog, Taffy, many times. Most recently, when I thought Taffy had suffered a stroke, Jane met us at the ER vet where she interacted with the doctor there. After the vet’s treatment we were still waiting for Taffy to eat and walk in order to be discharged. But it was only after Jane’s work on her, that she finally ate and began to regain her balance.”— Frances Sutphen, College Park, Maryland
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"I've had a professional relationship with Jane Rainier for years. I'm very confident that her massage work has been complimentary to my acupuncture on several occasions, and has improved the quality of life of many of my patients. I would highly recommend her services.”— Jamie Molinelli, DVM, CVA
“Our vet recommended Jane for canine massage to help our dog who is 15 and suffers pain in her spine from liver problems. Pain killing drugs are hard on her kidneys so we were glad to have an alternative. After Jane finishes a session, you can see the difference immediately. It’s like turning back the clock. Lucy is an active and happy dog again.”— Ken Swauger, Baltimore