I'm glad you have found your way to Luckie Dog Wellness. I hope to be of assistance to you and your companion animals. It has been through my own journey with the animal kingdom that Luckie Dog has grown and developed.

In 2001, I began my adventure into working with animals after losing my dog, Lucky, to lymphosarcoma. He truly opened my heart to the wonderful canine world. An extensive search of non-traditional care provided the groundwork for helping Lucky address cancer issues. I incorporated a variety of resources into our life including diet changes, herbs and supplements, energy work and a lot of prayer to support Lucky. After he transitioned, I knew that my work in this area was just beginning and so my training began.

Luckie Dog Canine Massage was born in 2004. As new methods and techniques have been gathered and services expanded, it was time for the business to grow. So in 2008, Luckie Dog Wellness became the new business name as a continued remembrance of my dear canine companion. Check out my services page to find out more about massage,energy work, aromatherapy and medical intuitive consultations. Playful Pup Parties are also fun to consider.
The mission of Luckie Dog Wellness is to support our canine companions with holistic wellness services which complement traditional veterinary care in keeping our four-legged companions healthy and happy. Luckie Dog Wellness is dedicated to enhancing the bonds between humans and our animal companions on all levels of being.

With Love and Light,

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