Massage and energy work are not substitutes for veterinary care. Please consult you veterinarian before beginning any complementary program for your animal companion.
Canine Massage – full body massage sessions provided in the convenience of your home. Jane uses a variety of massage techniques including sports massage, geriatric massage, acupressure, twai na, cranio-sacral and myofascial release as needed. Rates are $65 per session.

Energy Work – Jane draws upon the Universal Healing Energy for her work. She applies techniques from Healing Touch for Animals, Animal Reiki and various additional Reiki and healing practices to open, activate and clear an animal’s energy field. Gemstones, tuning forks and essential oils may also be used during a session.  Sessions can be held in-person, at your home or by distance. Cost is $65 per session.

Animal Medical Intuitive Consultation – this consultation is helpful in determining the energetic causes, location and extent of health issues. Jane reads your animal's energy field to detect imbalances which can lead to disease and illness. Results are then discussed to assist you with additional information to share with veterinary professionals regarding your animal companion's health. Sessions are distance in nature with phone consultation following scan. Cost is $165 for scan and consultation.

Aromatherapy Blends - essential oils work on both physical and emotional levels with animals. By using essential oils, one can activate or enhance the body’s own healing systems. Jane uses essential oils in her sessions and can develop a blend specific for your animal companion’s needs. Pricing is $25 plus cost of oils.

Playful Pup Parties – celebrate your dog’s birthday or make any day special with a massage party. Jane will come to your home and provide 15 minute massages for your special pup and his or her friends as the entertainment to your party. Maximum of ten guests per party. Pricing varies.
Energy work and massage clear toxins from both the physical and energy body. It activates the energy field to clear blockages and get the energy flowing. The immune system can then work at its optimal level.
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