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Who needs massage and energy work?

• Dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia and
joint problems
• Dogs recovering from surgery or injury
• Dogs under excessive stress
• Aging dogs
• Cancer-diagnosed dogs*
• Canine Athletes and working dogs

* Massage is not recommended for animals with cancer; energy work, however has been proven beneficial.
Massage and Energy Work help with:

• Regulating and supporting a healthy immune system
• Reducing pain
• Increasing flexibility
• Improving muscle tone
• Increasing range of motion
• Reducing stress
• Aiding in relaxation
• Increasing circulation
• Reducing swelling
• Increasing waste and toxins elimination
• Maintaining good posture and body balance
• Preventing atrophy in inactive muscles
• Loosening and softening scar tissue
• Releasing endorphins -— the body’s natural pain killer
• Improving athletic performance
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Massage and energy work are not substitutes for veterinary care. Please consult you veterinarian before beginning any complementary program for your companion.