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Spirit Paws with Sherry B. True
Sherry's gift of animal communication is loving shared with her guided meditation CD Love from the Rainbow Bridge, the Pet Loss Support Kit and grief counseling. She also offers animal blessings, companion meditation, energy work, totem animals and healthy pet consultations. Spirit Paws classes include Kundalini Reiki, Kundalini Boosters, Gold Reiki and Orb of Life.

Pet Beds
This site offers stylish and superb pet beds without pinching the customers pocket. Pet Beds - 4Less.Com offers a huge selection of pet beds. It bring a total relief to every dog's sleeping discomfort.

Prince Georges Feral Friends, SPCA                                                                                       
A local rscue that is dedicated to the animals that are generally discarded or forgotten - feral cats.  They teach humane trapping, colony management and socialization.  They use holistic care on their animals, including a raw diet and natural therapies and they include that training in their workshops.  They work to break the cycle of violence towards humans and animals through humane education and other programs that promote compassion for living creatures. 
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