test_dog1“I’ve had a professional relationship with Jane Rainier for years. I’m very confident that her massage work has been complimentary to my acupuncture on several occasions, and has improved the quality of life of many of my patients. I would highly recommend her services.”
-Jamie Molinelli, DVM, CVA

“Our vet recommended Jane for canine massage to help our dog who is 15 and suffers pain in her spine from liver problems. Pain killing drugs are hard on her kidneys so we were glad to have an alternative. After Jane finishes a session, you can see the difference immediately. It’s like turning back the clock. Lucy is an active and happy dog again.”
-Ken S., Baltimore

“My Golden Retriever, Savannah, experienced facial paralysis after a bite that damaged a cranial nerve according to my vet. After Jane worked on Savannah for a few weeks, Savannah’s ear and mouth no longer drooped and finally her eye began to blink again.”
-Alice C, Bel Air, Maryland

“Jane has worked on my dog, Taffy, many times. Most recently, when I thought Taffy had suffered a stroke, Jane met us at the ER vet where she interacted with the doctor there. After the vet’s treatment we were still waiting for Taffy to eat and walk in order to be discharged. But it was only after Jane’s work on her, that she finally ate and began to regain her balance.
-Fran S, College Park, Maryland

Jane is excellent and does a very good job. She does a thorough checkup to see if there is some problem and works on it very well. She also does massage to make sure the dog is relaxed and happy. The dog also loves her.
- Kenneth S., Baltimore, Maryland

Jane is phenomenal! In January 2008, our Golden Retriever was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and given 1-5 months to live. Six years later, Jane has kept the cancer at bay through a combination of Healing Touch for Animals and Reiki and our dog is still going strong.
-Alice C, Fallston, Maryland

I rescued Princess Elizabeth, a nine year old pitbull, from a dog fighting ring after she was dumped at my vet in critical condition. Jane began working with Princess on a weekly basis. Throughout the year of massages to help her heal from her injuries and ease her pain, she relaxed and enjoyed good food, long walks, a soft bed and she passed knowing she was loved.  -Phil K, Glen Burnie, Maryland

stock5Abby was 13 years-old, full of arthritis and could barely walk when we met Jane. After my vet recommended Jane, she did regular massages every other week, to ease her condition. I am convinced that Jane gave Abby the strength and flexibility to continue to walk and live a comfortable life and ultimately gave us a year together that we otherwise would not have been possible.
-Melba W., Baltimore

“I can’t say enough about Jane. She came into our lives when our dog Bob was suffering from arthritis. We were tired of the side effects from the medications. I called Jane for a canine massage. She was able to schedule him within a few days. After the first treatment he was more energetic and much more limber. I have also taken her canine massage class. She is very knowledgeable and one of the kindest people I know. I would highly recommend Jane as a canine massage therapist or teacher. She has been a blessing to our family“.
-Cindy L., Bowie, MD

I have known Jane Rainier for several years now. My husband and I woke up one Sunday morning and we thought that Jazz, a 13 y/o black lab mix, had a stroke. She could not move, her head was cocked, she was drooling, and her eyes were moving constantly back and forth. The first thing I did was to call Jane who did long-distance reiki. She opened all Jazz’s chakras and she told me that Jazz had an overwhelming feeling of nausea. Our vet diagnosed Jazz with Vestibular Disease, an inner ear disorder. This disorder caused all her symptoms including dizziness which was why she felt nauseous. Jane was able to keep me posted as to how Jazz was feeling the first few days so I knew how to care for her. Jazz is her normal self again. Jazz has also been the recipient of Jane’s healing massage numerous times and I have watched her give other dogs massage. Jane has a very special way of calming the dog down as she begins the massage and then talking to the dog so the dog is able to benefit from it. Jane communicates with dogs in a very special way.  I am lucky to know Jane and so are my dogs!
-Nancy M, Bel Air, MD

I had the pleasure/honor of meeting Jane on May 4, 2013. She was my instructor for the Massage Therapy for Animals class (prerequisite for the Veterinary Assistant Program at Harford Community College). I was amazed and excited about what massage could do for my pets. The knowledge, years of experience and wealth of information Jane taught us and stories shared with us that day have been instrumental in the health and well-being of my dogs and cat. I’ve used the different types of massage strokes and techniques on my 13 year old miniature poodle to help her continue to heal physically and mentally after her ACL surgery, tumor removal surgery, cope with the loss of her brother, adjust to a new pet in the house, upper respiratory infections, and calming both dogs before their veterinarian appointments. Massage therapy also played a critical role in helping to reduce the stress level of our newly adopted rescue dog, as well as the socialization of all three of our animals. Massage therapy also deepens the bond you have with your pets. Thank you Jane for sharing your knowledge and teaching me the importance and benefits of massage therapy!
-Sharon P., Veterinary Assistant Student, Abingdon, MD