I support traditional veterinary services by supplementing your dog’s care with Canine Massage, which benefits your dog’s physical body and Animal Reiki, which balances your dog’s energy field. Massage and Reiki are proven methods for alleviating pain, joint discomfort, stress, anxiety and fighting diseases like cancer, liver and kidney disease and spinal issues, to name a few. They clear toxins and keep energy flowing so your animal companion’s immune system can work at its optimal level. Together they are a perfect combination for a healthier dog.

When health issues are involved, I prefer to consult with the dog’s veterinarian prior to providing services. There is no additional fee for this service.

Your dog will benefit from a hands-on, full body massage in the comfort of your own home.

$75 per session. $195 for 3 pre-paid sessions.
(a 15% savings)

Canine Massage

Your dog will feel the relaxing, healing energy from a reiki session either in your home or by distance. Reiki sessions available for you too.

$75 per session. $195 for 3 pre-paid sessions.
(a 15% savings)

Canine Reiki


Services provided throughout Central Maryland.

 Massage and Reiki are not intended as a substitute for veterinary care.  Please consult your
veterinarian before beginning any complementary program for your animal companion.